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Haven Books
Haven Books is an independent publishers of "fiction with vision and non-fiction with purpose." Their celebrity authors do book signings around the U.S. Consider this site a haven when you're looking or inspiring reading.

Student Radio Drama
Student Radio Drama is a full semester curriculum through which students create their own radio drama. Based on current events -- personal, social, educational, or local -- the story and its characters are created by the students with guidance from a professional writer-producer.

The Shelter
"The Shelter" is dedicated to helping to helping the victims of domestic violence. The site provides hot line numbers for victims of domestic violence, facts about domestic violence, and methods by which you can participate in aiding the victims of domestic violence.

TV Now
Check out all the latest TV stars, primetime picks, daily TV news, TV Now's "Twisted News," downloads, fun things, interviews, celebrities, videos, films, entertainment columns, and more.

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