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Mara responds to the 9/11 attacks in newspaper essay "Small Town Musings"

"Milford-Haven, U.S.A." is a fictitious place...or is it? With its heart and soul in reality, Milford-Haven reflects the reality of small towns everywhere, one of the planet's most valuable resources.... Small towns are havens, places where individual enterprise flourishes, where a person's word is honored, where friendships are nurtured, where details matter, where no one is anonymous, and where a person can put down roots.

Come with us now! Find your own small town haven!

Although we live in the virtual world, we've found we have links - some of them quite uncanny - to kindred towns across the U.S., and across the seas. As you have fun exploring the "Milford Connection" you'll find how often "truth is stranger than fiction." Consider this your gateway to Havens around the world...

Cambria, California
This is where it all started for "Milford-Haven" creator Mara Purl. Invited to Cambria to perform in the beautiful play "Sea Marks" by Gardner McKay, Mara spent a summer appearing at the Pewter Plough Playhouse by night, and exploring what rapidly became her favorite California town by day. To read about how Mara first created "Milford-Haven" click on the Maven button. Cambria is a Welsh name, and this began Mara's connection to Wales. Mara is still a frequent visitor to Cambria, so if you're having a bite to eat on Main Street, or taking a walk on Moonstone Beach, you just might run into her.....

Milford Haven, Wales
This is the original Milford Haven, a place of history and adventure, both an important sea port, and a romantic getaway at land's end in Western Wales. When "Milford-Haven, U.S.A." hit the BBC airways and was broadcast to 4.5 million listeners throughout the U.K., Mara was invited to visit Milford Haven, Wales. Imagine her astonishment when she was treated to a parade, a reception in the Town Hall, and was made an honorary citizen! Keep checking our site for further connections and developments in Milford Haven, Wales. Here's a picture of her October '99 visit, where and her husband Larry Norfleet were entertained by the Mayor and his wife in the Mayor's Chamber.

Milford, Connecticut
Founded in 1639, this picturesque town is full of history. With uncanny similarities to Milford Haven Wales, and to "Milford-Haven, U.S.A.," Milford -- which, by the way is just down the road from New Haven -- is a coastal town situated next to a protected "haven" of water.
Image of Historic landmarks
Image of beautiful woven throw highlighting historical features of the town

Milford Haven, Virginia
U.S. Coast Guard Station Milford Haven

This Milford Haven - named after Milford Haven, Wales by Welsh immigrants in the 1600s - is actually a body of water adjacent to Gwynn's Island, Virginia, and connected to the Chesapeake Bay. Still beautiful and pristine, the area is rich in history. This became the ship building capitol of the new world, and remained so all the way through the Civil War. During the Revolutionary War important battles were fought involving Governor Dunmore (of Virginia) and his Loyalists against the Patriots. For a fascinating account of all this, read Peter Wrike's "The Governor's Island." The Milford Haven Coast Guard station itself has a rich history, and were gracious hosts when Mara visited. Mara is pictured here in regulation life vest with a crew member after a boat tour of the Haven. Since her visit, Mara received a letter containing the following: "On behalf of the entire crew and myself, we would like to make you an Honorary Crewman of Coast Guard Station Milford Haven." -- Chief Mike Butz, Officer in Charge. What an honor! Chief Butz also invites fans to send a self-addressed envelope to have it stamped with the Station's handsome cachet.

Milford Sound, New Zealand
One of the most beautiful spots on the planet, we have yet to visit but it's on our list. Anyone who HAS visited or HAS information, e-mail us! Milhaven@aol.com.

Milford Haven, Ontario
Located on the Canadian side of the twin cities of Sault St. Marie, Michigan, and Sault St. Marie, Ontario, Milford Haven, Ontario- like its Virginia namesake - is a small, protected body of water in one of the most pristine and "havenly" parts of the world. We're finding more information for you on this one.

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